Abstract Submission

Inviting surgeons to participate in the academic program by presenting Free paper, poster, videos and other formats for the IHC 2020 Mumbai conference, May 28th-30th2020.

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Abstract Type of presentation

  1. Free paper
  2. E-Poster
  3. Video
  4. IHC Oscars Video
  5. Just One Thing

Please make separate submissions for more than one presentation.
Word limit: 350

Rules for Submission and presentation

1. ABSTRACT For Free Paper:
Duration of presentation will be short: 7 minutes
The work should be previously unpublished

2. ABSTRACT For E-Poster
The poster should have maximum of 7 slides
Time allotted for presentation will be 3 mins

3. ABSTRACT For VIDEO Submissions
Abstract format should be followed as far as possible:
Duration of video should be 7 minutes
Format acceptable will be MPEG2, MP4 only
Frame rate: 25 frames per second
Widescreen (16:9) projects
Frame size: minimum of 720 x 576 pixels (PAL)
HD welcomed: minimum = 1280p x 720p; maximum = 1920p x 1080p
Video codec: H.264
Video bitrate: minimum of 3 Mbps
Audio codec: AAC
Video link of YouTube: ( For video presentations only).
The video should be uploaded on YouTube and a link should be quoted in the abstract submission form.

4. IHC Oscars Video:
This is a competitive session which will be judged.
Duration: 7 minutes
All the rules for video submission will be applicable.
If the video is not accepted for IHC Oscars, then it will be included in the normal video session with duration cut down to 5 minutes, and that too subject to availability of time.

5.Just One Thing:
This is an oral presentation.
Duration: 5 minutes
Rules for inclusion: should highlight single point/message/theme.
Acceptance will be subject to limit of number of presentations and judged for inclusion by a panel of reviewers.
All the non-accepted submissions will go to ePosters and will have to be presented as ePosters.

News And Updates

  • COVID-19 UPDATES : IHC 2020
    Has Been Postponed
  • Abstract Submission is closed
  • Online registration is available.

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